Frequently Asked Questions
How far in advance do I place my order?

72 hours in advance but if we can accommodate a last minute request we will!

What is the minimum order?

10 people 

Do you deliver outside Montreal?

YES, we can even do staffed events outside the city. 

If I need to make changes to my order, how far in advance do I have to do it?

24 hours at the minimum and if we can accommodate last minute changes we will.

Do you do fully vegan meals?


Can you accommodate Kosher & Halal?

Yes! We are not a kosher catering company but can provide kosher style meals.
We can work with halal meats upon request.

Do you accommodate allergies, intolerances & specific dietary needs?

Yes! If we don't, we will source what you need.

Do you provide plates, utensils & napkins?

Eco-friendly plates, utensils & napkins can be included on request.